Strategize to Energize: Phase 1

Transforming your normal eating routines to more “constrictive” habits can be extremely difficult.  For instance, I went out to dinner with Jason and some friends the other night and was so hungry that before our friends even got there, we had both (um, me mostly) inhaled homemade chips and dip and some bread.  That wouldn’t be so bad BUT, THEN, my outrageous eating continued to another appetizer, a salad, my main dish, and I even pouted about not getting dessert??!! Holy uncounted calorie intake!

What happened?  Well, I let myself get too hungry.  That’s something you might want to watch out for.  If you get too hungry you will 1. crave everything 2. eat everything 3. feel really horrible for the next 8 hours 4. need to consume multiple servings of Pepto Bismol before your stomach will stop screaming “What were you thinking you crazy motorized eating machine??!!”

Speaking of eating routines.  Another habit of mine that I’ve noticed this past week is that I tend to eat little during the day and a bigger meal at night. Well, my metabolism during sleepy time is NOT working as hard as it is to get my butt and calories moving during the day.  So as the old adage says, eat breakfast like a queen (king), lunch like a princess (prince), and dinner like a pauper. The only problem I foresee with this? Being hungry before bed which is the worst.  Solution? Low-fat milk? Ice water? Do you have any other ideas?

Because your metabolism slows during sleep it’s also important that you stop eating at a reasonable time. Two hours before you go to bed is a good start.  Some have also suggested stopping your consumption around 7pm.


While you’re working on changing your eating habits it’s important to not feel “restricted” or that you “can’t have what you want.”  You can have what you want (to an extent), you just have to have a strategy in place.  It also a good idea to find replacements for things that you absolutely can’t live with out.  Here are some ideas to help:

No. You can do better than that.          Yes.  Keep up the good work!

Apple pie                                               Baked apple

Milk Chocolate or any chocolate thing      Dark chocolate

Pizza                                                    English muffin with salsa and part-skim mozz. cheese; melt

Movie theater popcorn                  94% fat-free popcorn (put in Ziploc bags for movie-save money too!!!)

Any cheese                                            Any low-fat version of cheese

Ice cream                                              Frozen yogurt, sorbet, or freeze your own fruit popsicles

Any kind of cake                                    Angel food cake

Cream-based soups                               Broth-based soups

Sweet craving after dinner                       Low-fat chocolate milk (works for my cravings!)

Butter, margarine, oil                             Cooking sprays

Additional resources:

recipe for a backed apple:  (you might have to go through a couple other 100 calorie snacks to get there)

These were some ideas.  It’s up to you to determine what foods you want to keep in your diet and how to find ways to make them healthier.  This can be fun and you won’t want/need to purchase stock in Pepto Bismol.  However, always watch your portion sizes and keep counting those calories UNTIL you know how much you can eat and you can read your body signs and stop when you’re full, NOT when you feel like your insides are going to burst.

In health and Pepto,


“There is no secret routine.  There is no magical number of reps and sets.  What there is, is confidence, belief, hard work on a consistent basis, and a desire to succeed.”

~Steve Justa


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